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Welcome to Centre for Development and Community Welfare

Our changing global world is facing enormous challenges;- mass migration especially from  South  to North is  inevitably   transforming society in both directions. Climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation is fast pushing many Nations and communities to the brink of poverty and marginalisation especially in Africa.

All over the world, people and Nations are gradually realising that current distribution pattern of development are clearly unsustainable and there is a need to preserve the integrity and the natural resource base of the environment both for present and future generations.

Our generation challenge is to help the poorest of the poor to escape the misery of extreme poverty. The end of poverty, in this sense, is not only the end of extreme suffering but also the beginning of economic progress and the hope and security that accompanies economic development.

The centre for development and community welfare, therefore believe that sustainable changes and viable development interventions are needed to inspire and empower people to create a just and equal society free from poverty and discrimination.

CEDCOW was established to contribute to the development and well-being of  African migrants in UK, especially refugees and asylum seekers and promoting sustainable development and poverty alleviation efforts in Africa.

In the UK, we support and empower refugees and asylum seekers to better integrate and contribute meaningfully to the society. We also promote social inclusion for public benefit as well human rights advocacy and campaign activities.

The overriding goal of our Africa programme is focused on helping disadvantaged communities to earn a sustainable living. Projects and activities supported by CEDCOW are located predominantly in Sub Saharan Africa.

Both in UK and Africa, we work with our branches, partners and relevant institutions, to advocate, identify, and undertake a range of development initiatives and interventions. See what we do.

CEDCOW was formed by a group of men and women with wide range of experiences in international development and NGO management and  share considerable concerns about the plights of African migrants in the UK as well as African development.
CEDCOW is registered in UK as a Charity  and a company . It has branches in Cameroon, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

     Company Registration No 7014549

       Charity Registration No 1133701


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